D+98 8/26 i arrived in tully, and today i look around in tully. 일상 & 기타

2days ago i thought yesterday is different nowaday nomal day.

because i get up early about 5am for premiar bus 7:25am.

so i can't exactly sleep.

anyway yesterday i arrived in tully from cairns about 10:00am.

and i looking for the vacancy that is known as tully hotel.

finally i looked for the vacancy, this vacancy crew said we haven't vacancy.

but after 5minutes i heard 1minutes.

finally i contract this vacancy tully hotel.

tully hotel is $100 per week and deposit is $150.

vacancy is small room and 4people living here.

but i heard this backpacker is good backpacker. the other backpacker is vary dirty or take work and out is hard.

i will searching my work(banana work) and i thinking go out this backpacker and searching the other sharehouse.

but future don't know anybody.

today i looked around in tully and took pictures.

tully is very small city? town.

but landscape is.. um.. well..

but here internet is very slow.

i finded telstra 3g from cairns.

it speed is very fast about download 300kb/s, upload 30kb/s(hsdpa) or download 160kb/s, upload 80kb/s.

but here is disconnected 3g. only 2g telstra and woolworths mobile.

i use GaluxyS. but i haven't use 3g. but i heard iphone and htc sensation is using 3g.

so i thinking galuxy series is different.

so if i have long time in australia, i have the other phone.

but maybe if i have second visa, i using this... i don't know..

my age is... tear is cover my eyes.

ok. today is finish


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